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Dear friends of,

As I shared with you in July, after decades as an avid reader of books, I have now published a book of my own. I want to say thanks to the many readers who purchased a copy -- and to share the happy news that it is doing well. (As mentioned, all proceeds I receive from the book will be donated to a children's literacy initiative.)

For those of you that may have missed my earlier email, the title of the book is The Next Economic Disaster, and the subject is a new theory on predicting and preventing financial crises and restoring economic vibrancy.

The book is selling well and actually (briefly) reached the Amazon Top 100. While still early, it has received good coverage from a variety of sources including The Atlantic, C-Span, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The American Banker -- and from as far away as Norway and Switzerland.

Thanks again for the wonderful feedback and support. And for those of you who have an interest in global economics but have not read it -- I recommend it! It's short (100 pages) and tries to get right to the point. And it covers a subject that has been neglected but is critical to understanding both the lackluster global recovery and the real potential for a new crisis in Asia. (An article on The Atlantic site last week, Government Debt Isn't the Problem-Private Debt Is, gives a nice preview.)


Richard Vague


The Next Economic Disaster: Why It's Coming and How to Avoid It


University of Pennsylvania Press


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