06/20/05 - frank and dean

In today's excerpt - Frank Sinatra, for whom the party seemingly never stopped, is at a party when the police are called:

"The Martins, Dean and Jeanne, were throwing themselves a black-tie anniversary party, a tented affair, in their backyard on Mountain Drive. A society orchestra was hired, people danced and cavorted and consumed gallons upon gallons of spirits. At just past eleven o'clock, police sirens pierced the air and halted the festivities. Alarmed, the hostess searched for her husband but could not find him. She went to Frank, who calmed her and said, 'Don't worry about it—it's probably an accident out in front. I'll take care of it.'

"Frank strode out to find the Beverly Hills police planted on the lawn. 'What's going on, fellas?' he asked. He was told: 'Well, Mr. Sinatra, we got a call about a loud party. You're going to have to tone it down—or maybe just break it up for the night.' Since most of the neighbors were in attendance, Frank said, 'Who the hell would call?'

" 'Um, I'm not really at liberty to say,' the cop responded.

"Frank gave him a look and said, 'Hey! You're talking to me now.'

"The cop shuffled and said, 'Well, to be totally honest with you, Mr. Sinatra, the call came from inside the house.'

"Frank shook his head, muttered under his breath 'That son of a bitch.' Then said to the cops, 'Okay, guys—thanks a lot.'

"He walked back into the house, climbed the stairs to Dean's bedroom, where Dag [Dean], in pajamas, lay in his bed, holding a putter, watching the eleven o'clock news. Glancing over at Frank: 'Hey, pally.'

"Frank: 'I'll give you pally! Did you call the cops on your own party?'

"Dean, shrugging: 'Hey, they ate, they drank. Let them go home. I gotta get up in the morning.'

" 'You,' said Frank admiringly, 'are one crazy bastard.' "



Bill Zehme


The Way You Wear Your Hat: Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin'


Harper Collins


Copyright 1997 by Bill Zehme


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